Monday, September 24, 2007

Book claims to have proof of a lost dynasty (over 3,000 years old) in Sri Lanka

Heard about this book while visiting a relative last night. Sounds very interesting, I am ordering a copy to check out. Claims to have proof of a pre-Vijaya (Indian prince credited with starting Sri Lanka in the 6th century BC) dynasty that traded with other kingdoms & states in various parts of the world. Here is the Amazon link for the book, title The Lost Dynasty: Uncovering Sri Lanka's Secret Past - by Nishantha Gunewardena.

A description from the Amazon page:

" It is the story of a king, shrouded in mystery, introduced as fiction, betrayed by history, unveiled by a tsunami that reintroduces himself, his kingdom, and his dynasty ... as true history. For centuries Sri Lankans and many historians have believed that the Sri Lankan civilization begins with the arrival of Vijaya, the supposed first king and progenitor of the Sinhalese, from northeastern India in the sixth century BCE. "If so," the author asks, "how is it that Egyptian Pharaohs, Prophet Moses, King Solomon, King Hiram, all indicate to have had trading links with the island more than a millennium before the arrival of Vijaya?" In a 13-year quest, avoiding landmines and Tamil Tigers the author finds and subjugate myths, legends, lore, and even ancient palm leaf chronicles of Sri Lanka's past to rigorous and exhausting tests with the latest research by Oxford University and National Geographic Society in archeology, genetics, paleography, anthropology, literary analysis, and statistics. In THE LOST DYNASTY, all recovered clues are meticulously assembled to reconstruct a past even most Sri Lankans do not know existed - a past more glorious than they ever dreamed of. Hidden in neglected rock inscriptions are the story a prosperous kingdom with international colonies and trade links ruled by a powerful dynasty that was vanquished and lost to history by an unwise war and an unforeseeable tsunami more than 3000 years ago. The Book contains 178 stunning and rare images spanning over 200 years. Table of Content Chapter 1: War and Peace Chapter 2: The Tamil Homeland Chapter 3: An Ancient Terror Chapter 4: Ancestor or Invader? Chapter 5: Chronicles Chapter 6: Palladium of Kingship Chapter 7: The Missing Chapter Chapter 8: Pearl Harbor Chapter 9: The Forgotten Kingdom Acknowledgements Bibliography Index."

More here.

UPDATE: Official website for book The Lost Dynasty: Uncovering Sri Lanka's Secret Past.

- Sujewa

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