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Camera Stilo joins the US indie film bloggers re: Burma blog-a-thon

"Please use your liberty to promote ours" - 1991 Nobel Peace Prize receipient (& democratically elected & currently imprisoned leader of Burma) Aung San Suu Kyi

Is two people blogging about something a blog-a-thon? :) Maybe. But, as the Burmese military dictatorship clamps down violently (some estimates say hundreds of protesters killed as of today & hundreds of monks in detention), protests outside of Burma will need to continue in order to get the world to push the Burmese junta into doing the right thing (like not beating & shooting peaceful protesters for one, also releasing the elected leader of Burma from a decade plus long house arrest).

I am off to go to a protest & March in DC (see info. on protest & march at post below). Will blog stuff re: Burma later. In the meantime, here is Camera Stilo re: the US indie film bloggers re: Burma blog-a-thon. If you are an indie film blogger & you write about Burma this weekend, let me know or leave a comment, will link to it. Even if you don't regularly blog about indie film & you end up blogging about the situation in Burma, leave a note, will link to it. The more people in America & elsewhere who learn about the situation in Burma the better it is for the Burmese people.

It is very easy to see who is good & who is evil in Burma, not a very complicated situation as in some other conflicts. The military dictatorship has been in power for 40 some years and turned the Burmese into some of the poorest people on the planet, and more importantly have tremendously restricted & downgraded the quality of life in Burma. See many posts below for links to follow re: the Burma protests.

And now, Camera Stilo, for an introduction to the blog-a-thon:

"US indie film bloggers re: Burma

"Everything I do is restricted... where I go, what I do, who I see " - Burmese man quoted in a BBC web site article

Blogger Sujewa Ekanayake recently contacted me and a handful of other indie film bloggers about starting a US indie film bloggers re: Burma blog-a-thon. I, like many others, have read and heard reports about what's happenning in Burma/Myanmar with great sadness. But what could I, an indie film fan and working guy living in Cambridge, MA, add to the conversation that would be worthwhile? I wasn't sure."

Read the rest here.

- Sujewa


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