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Eszter Balint interview at SiouxWIRE

For all you Stranger Than Paradise fans, check it out here.

Thanks GreenCine Daily for the link.

- Sujewa


Anonymous said…
Fucking Stranger Than Paradise is exceptional! Where are the "stranger ..." films today!?!?!?!? Did you see the new book on Jarmusch? It just came out, titled: "Jim Jarmusch: Contemporary Film Directors" by Juan A. Suarez. 2007, University of Illinois Press. Movie was just released on Criterion.
The Sujewa said…
There are lots of unique indie film being done today, as there were a few before Stranger. But yes, stranger is very unique. Have not seen/heard about the U of I book on Jarmusch. I know about Criterion's Stranger release.

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