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Got main character & story line selected for Stranger Than Hollywood :: early call for possible leads

To set my movie about making movies apart from several other art/indie/foreign type movies about making movies- the lead character will be female; so, a story about a female indie film director, to be played by a dark skinned minority actress (since I've been complaining lately about the lack of minorities in lead roles in indie/real indie films, specially dark skinned people). The rest of the cast will be multi-ethnic; "white" as well as non-"white"actors.

Out of like seven possible story lines for this movie, I am going to go with a story that I've written about a weekend shoot, going from Thu - Sun, to film scenes for a crucial segment of an indie feature; a 15 minute segment. I like the limited time frame - four days, that the story will take place in (I thought 2 Days In Paris worked really well because so much was condensed into a limited amount of time; see my post re: that flick below).

And that is the latest re: my new movie Stranger Than Hollywood. Still aiming for a fall/winter '07 shoot. Budget will be ultra-low/"no"-budget, but, like Date Number One before it, will be under $10K ultimately.

Minority actresses (actually, all kinds of actresses, in case I change my mind down the road; also for other roles in flick) who might want to play a 20/30-something indie filmmaker in an ultra-low budget indie feature w/ shoot happening in the DC area this fall/winter can e-mail ( me (or snail mail to: Wild Diner Films, 10408 Montgomery Ave, Kensington, MD 20895) a resume & head shot. Non-union. Once the script is done later this month, I'll do a formal & widely publicized search for the lead in the DC area, this is just the very early notice. Thanks.

- Sujewa


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