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Links to 3 new projects :: Getting the blogging habit under control

After this post pretty much all the future posts (except for at least 2 more posts re: SilverDocs '07 stuff) at this blog will be directly about one of my movies (a little trick to get me to work on making movies more instead of writing about other people's movies), more on this below.

3 New Projects I've Heard About:

Texas Snow

Flying Dead Birds

A Stupid Movie for Jerks


Getting the Blogging Habit Under Control

Blogging is fast, unlike filmmaking. Thus, blogging can be very addictive, something that will take up a lot of time. So, the decision has to be made re: whether I am going to spend a lot of time writing about film or a lot of time making & showing & selling films. I am going with the making films option, with blogging being used strictly for my filmmaking related promotional work.

Since it is easy for anyone to start a blog, other filmmakers should definitely look into it. If you do start a blog about your indie film or indie film in general, e-mail me the link ( and I might add it to my links section.

- Sujewa


Jason Sheinkopf said…

I just got an e-mail from Peter Broderick Consulting about a case study of the film "Four Eyed Monsters".
They did a whole lot of self promotion and made a name for themselves as a result.

I know you're into this kind of stuff, so I figured I'd send along a link to the article.

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