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DC area man decides to watch an IFC First Take movie on TV after seeing ad for theatrical run of same movie in local newspaper

So, every other night or so I scroll through the various cable channels & their movie offerings at Amanda's (girlfriend) house, looking for a good movie to watch. For a few days now I've seen the ad & clips for the IFC First Take movie I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With but there was something I guess a little too "television" & not "real movie" about it which made me pass over it in favor of other movies - "movie" movies that played in theaters - or full on weird/half-baked/half-OK & half cringe-y television shows such as Californication (I saw two episodes last night, no aliens yet (a healthy amount of T & A though, some questionable writing & directing/acting in episodes 1 & 2, ideal tone not fully found yet/got potential maybe), got my fingers crossed on the aliens though, Fox Molder (lastnamesp?) is there, aliens can't be too far behind, anyway, pretty good show/guilty pleasure thingy, nice to see David Duchoviny (lastnamesp? too lazy/tired to look it up right now, dude from the X-Files) at work again). Anyway, today I was planning on going to the movie theater to watch something new but the day was just too filled with things/day job work that had to be done, so, while having dinner at the Tastee Diner in Silver Spring (a work related dinner at that), I saw an ad for I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With (from here on known as Cheese) in this week's edition of the Washington City Paper (and the ad actually mentioned that the film is a First Take title that is available on cable). Seeing the print ad made me want to watch Cheese, 'cause it is like going to the movie theater except only at home (voice in my head = "it's a real movie, it's got a newspaper ad & all" :). Anyway, I am about to veg out on the couch & watch Cheese with Amanda. Watching a real movie at home. First Take is already a success I hear, and I think it will catch on more/will become a bigger success 'cause even though people want to go to the theater they can't always do so for many reasons, but if they can watch the same movie at home they just might (i still prefer the movie theater experience of course, don't want any negative e-mail from NATO (national ass'n of theater owners - i think) :). Anyway; 1. First Take good, 2. watching movies in theaters good, 3. am off to watch Cheese on the TV.

UPDATE 3:15 AM Sun 9/16: Cheese is very good. Enjoyed it. Californication, on the other hand, became less & less bearable - I watched two more episodes (ep. 3 & 4) and I think I am done with that show forever. Not my thing, very little about it feels real, some good lines here & there though, and often decent acting work by D.D./the lead.

- Sujewa


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