Monday, September 03, 2007

Photos iW BLOGGER MEET UP # 1 NYC 2007 8/23 Thu night Botanica bar :: Happy Labor Day hard working iW bloggers! :)

Sujewa Ekanayake (Wild Diner Films Blog, film Date Number One), Eugene Hernandez (indieWIRE)

Tom Hall (The Back Row Manifesto blog, Sarasota Film Festival), Agnes Varnum (Doc It Out blog), Pamela Cohn (Still In Motion blog)

Sujewa Ekanayake, Matt Zoller Seitz (New York Times, The House Next Door blog, film Home)

Brian Geldin (The Film Panel Notetaker blog), Amy Peters (The Film Panel Notetaker blog), S.T. Van Airsdale (The Reeler)

Matt Dentler (Matt Dentler's blog, SXSW Film Festival), Mike Tully (Boredom at Its Boredest blog, film Cocaine Angel, film Silver Jew), Alex Karpovsky (film The Hole Story)

Eugene Hernandez, Brian Geldin

Wide shot of people at the event

Adam Roffman (Independent Film Festival of Boston), Craig Zobel (film Great World of Sound)

Mike Tully, Pamela Cohn, Doug Block (Doug Block's Doc Blog, film 51 Birch Street)

Matt Dentler, i believe that is Mark Rabinovitz from The Rabbi Report, S.T. Van Airsdale, Mike Tully

Amy Peters, Brian Geldin

Amy Peters, Brian Geldin, S.T. Van Airsdale

Arin Crumley (film Four Eyed Monsters), Todd Rohal (film The Guatemalan Handshake)

Brain Geldin, S.T. Van Airsdale, Sujewa Ekanayake

Thanks for coming to this Meet Up bloggers & filmmakers!

Photos Copyright 2007 Sujewa Ekanayake.

- Sujewa

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