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Saw 2 DAYS IN PARIS, liked it a lot - will be added to my top 5 faves list, will see it again a couple more times soon

Saw the Julie Delphy written & directed comedy 2 Days In Paris last night. Movie is funny, warmly human (accepting of some human shortcomings & also appreciative of good things about people), and ultimately romantic. Even thought the movie is about a young couple & their relationship, it is not a typical romantic comedy; it is more abrasive. The flick is also, in passing, concerned with French & American relations, politics, male and female attitudes and ideas about each other, sex/attitudes regarding sex & sexuality, war, racism, crime & also ethnic relations in France. And, in the end, like I said before, ultimately romantic (just so you are not turned off by the list of mostly non-romantic things that I just gave). All in all, one of the best/most enjoyable movies I have seen in a long time. Will want to see it at least a couple of more times. Great script by Delphy, also well directed by her. Film stars Delphy and Adam Goldberg - who does a good job as the American tourist dealing with French differences & his girlfriend's family. I'll have to add 2 Days In Paris to my top 5 all time favorite movies list, up there with Mystery Train & Amelie. The movie tells the story of a couple who have been together/dating for 2 years; and are visiting the woman's parents & sister in Paris following a trip to Italy. The two run into all manner of difficult & comic situations - including her ex-boyfriends, his minor illnesses and just the overall weirdness of their relationship; due to the nature of their, at times, difficult personalities. Highly recommended for people who like fast paced talkative comedies not too far removed from real life where a lot happen in a small amount of time, and maybe also for people who like Paris and New York (even if you have not been there, if you like the idea of those big cities). The film is, to use a familiar phrase, life-affirming, but without totally ignoring the complexities and the messiness of life. A very good movie.

- Sujewa


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