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the video image humanizes/brings you closer OR emotionally beautiful photography in Cache

Saw Hollywoodland last night, very good movie, but the use of motion picture film & the period production design kind of kept me at a certain distance from the movie. Saw the film Cache tonight, another very good movie. Enjoyed (well, enjoyed might be the wrong word given the subject matter of Cache, but lets say an aesthetically engaging experience) it a lot more, was able to get into it more because the director Michael Haneke used video (HD most likely) to shoot the film, all the lighting was as natural as could be, star Juliette Binoche looked like an ordinary person/more approachable/vulnerable/and thus more likeable in this movie (compared to a handful of other movies I've seen her in).

So, motion picture film is definitely more visually beautiful, but video resonates more emotionally, a higher degree of emotional beauty in that medium, at least for me. Motion picture film is like a well lit/studio photo of a hot model, a stranger. Video is like a good photo, taken by a skilled amateur, at home, of an attractive friend. In addition, the fact that video is more affordable to more filmmakers around the planet makes it more attractive to me. Video is a more democratic medium, a more accessible & thus cooler medium.

Check out Cache if you haven't yet. It is not violent or gory (there is blood in one scene, not gory). It is definitely, at times, a downbeat drama, but more of a well thought out suspense than anything else.

Also enjoyed the fact that Cache did not have a score. I did not feel any pressure to feel anything at a given point/no push from music except whatever emotions that naturally came up while watching the actions of the characters. Even thought the story of the movie was sad, the videography/lighting and sound design (lack of score specially) made for a refreshing experience.

- Sujewa


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