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2 down 298 to go OR I expect it to take about 5 years to complete all 6 of the 50 short films series

Dimensional Portal, short film # 1 in the 50 Short Films About America series, is done. Also Rock Collection, short film # 1 in the 50 Short Films About Kensington series, is shot & is awaiting some titles in order to be complete. So, 2 down basically, and 298 to go; there are 6 series of short films planned with 50 films per series (find out more about this project here) totaling 300 short films in all. I expect the entire project to take about 5 years (it could happen a lot faster, but let's just say 5 years for now) or until the end of 2012 to complete.

I am digging this gigantic short films project because some shorts can be made literally for $0 (or you can spend some money on them & make them extra fancy) and you are able to explore new things, try new (or at least new-to-you) filmmaking approaches through shorts (not a lot of money tied in shorts, also they are not as "serious" as features, as far as your overall filmmaking resume is concerned - thus more room to play & have fun). These shorts projects are a side project, something for me to do - filmmaking wise - while I get features made & out (or wait for a big chunk of free time in order to finish a feature DVD project, as is the case this week).

I expect to have the two completed shorts up on YouTube & posted here at this blog before this week is over (before Sun, perhaps for some Sun morning web shorts watching event for ya :).

- Sujewa


jason said…
i want to make a feature and raise funding for it (the feature film) but am not sure the best way of financing it because I would like to use film. I no that you used film for (16mm) your feature (first feature) Wild Diner

how did you budget for that movie/film using film (16mm).did you use a 16mm camera and rent/buy/borrow it!?

I heard that if you make a business plan you can attract/investors which i woul dlike to do. I want to raise $500,000 so that I can make a super 16mm feature and do it right (proper lighting/sound/storyboarding/actor placement (blocking)/post-production/ADR(Sound dubbing)/foley/etc./color correction (color management)

what do you think is the best way for me to proceed ???
The Sujewa said…

That's a big question, with many possible answers.

E-mail me ( so I can find out more about your exact situation before I try to recommend some paths to take on yer project.

Generally I would say a first time feature should be kept at a low budget & perhaps going with digital is wise, since most first time features lose money. Shooting my first feature on 16MM prevented me from making another movie for like 3 years, and when I did get back into making stuff I did so using digital.

Anyway, get in touch for more opinions re: yer project.

- Sujewa

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