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Filmed Kensington short #1: Rock Collection

Read about it here!

- Sujewa


jason said…
just hope 50/kensington/50ny/50(etc.) doesn't hold back DVD (completion) for DNO available for sale!? its not available at video stores/indie/locations for purchase, yet, is it? (also an idea) i always watch the commentary/bonus commentary track for the DVD to get info on how the filmmaker/director/actors made the movie...will any such option be available on the DNO DVD? also (another idea/suggestion/for you) will Wild Diner (16mm feature) be available (also) for purchase? Just checking in! Post dimensional portal!!!
The Sujewa said…

The 50/Kensington project will not be getting in the way of the DNO DVD completion. The DNO DVD will be available for sale before the end of this month or w/ in the 1st week of November. First mail order from my site & a few retail stores, then slowly to more stores & sites.

I expect all the 50 shorts projects (K, NYC, LA, etc.) to take about 5 years to complete, w/ hopefully the Kensington 50 getting completed w/in the next 12 months. They are easy to shoot & will be done while I am not too busy with a feature.

No commentary on the upcoming DNO DVD. But my blogs I think have a lot of info. on how the movie was made. Perhaps a commentary on a later version of the DVD (i am thinking about creating an extras filled version in a year or so, but for now, just the flick & 1 or 2 extra items on the DVD).

Wild Diner & earlier projects will be released on DVD at some point w/ in the next 2 yrs. The DVD will feature Fresh Coffee (a short i made in '92), Wild Diner (possibly 2 versions of it; '99 version & maybe an '08 version), 17 DC Poets, & possibly a segment from Date Number One.

Should have both Portal & Rock Collection up on YouTube before the end of this week/on or by Sat 10/27.

Thanks for the interest.

- Sujewa

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