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Francesco Uboldi's Burma films: On the Road to Bagan, The Burmese Fable, Waiting

Filmmaker Francesco Uboldi has several Burma related projects. Here are brief descriptions & links:

On the Road to Bagan

"On the road that leads from from Mount Popa to Bagan – the main tourist site in a country, Myanmar, which only recently has opened its borders to visitors – a farmer speaks of his everyday toils. Listening to his words, gradually the account throws light on the wider social and political situation in former Burma. The country has been subject to a ferocious military dictatorship since 1962."


The Burmese Fable (in production)

"A journey into the Golden Land, the charming country of thousands pagodas, among monasteries, temples, and a deep, archaic spirituality. Villages scattered among rice fields, mounted in between rivers, lakes, and mountains. Simple lives, smiling faces, an unreal quietness.

And a journey underneath the surface of this rural paradise, beyond the appearance of political propaganda. The military regime, the social instability, the political repressions, the human rights violations."The Burmese Fable" is a story halfway between a travel documentary and a political film, mixing genres in an attempt to unveil these two sides of Myanmar. Which is not only, nor primarily, an enchanting tourist destination. Most eloquently this is told by first-hand accounts, such as those, recently collected, of Ka Hsaw Wa, victim of government abuses in the first place, then fugitive for years, hidden in the jungle, and finally today worldwide-known human rights monitor and activist for the Burmese democratic cause."



"Burma: thirty seconds, one face, decades of abuses."

Sounds like good movies to check out for anyone interested in Burma, human rights, struggles for democracy, & developing world issues.

- Sujewa


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