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Saw Finishing the Game, excellent movie, it kicks (well, you know)

Saw the Justin Lin mockumentary Finishing the Game tonight through IFC In Theaters, had a great time. The movie feels pretty much like a documentary that may have been made in the 70's (complete with fake sponsor credits). I do not think a lot of reviewers & critics get this movie (see many of the lukewarm at best critical responses at the recent GreenCine Daily round up of Game reviews), but I certainly had a great time watching the process of finding a replacement for Bruce Lee play out in all its 70's production design/Asian-American issues/70's identity & other politics filled glory. I am looking forward to checking Game out again at some point soon. There was a little bit of sadness and also a heart warming quality mixed in with the low key humor and 70's re-creation in Game. Sweet.

And now, the link to the Cinematical review of Finishing the Game (i think they liked it as much as i did). Here is a little bit:

"The high points of the film are sidesplitting, however, like Breeze Loo's aforementioned Fists of Fuehrer film, Eloise's repeated insistence that one of the contenders could be "the Asian Gene Hackman," the shtick where Tarrick claims he's half-Chinese, and some pitiful attempts at kung fu."

You can check out Finishing the Game at IFC Center in NYC or on yer cable TV through IFC In Theaters now.

- Sujewa


Lucy said…
Great to come across your blog, Sujewa! I was on a GOOGLE quest to find more info on Stephen Colbert's black friend and it led me to your blog!

Très cool things you're doing here. I'm actually a stand-up comedienne in NYC and I write about racial identity issues in my stand-up. So I will definitely see "Finishing the Game." (I saw the trailer/preview online at

Anyway, I will be checking back here on your blog to see what else you're up to. I have a great interest in film/cinema. (It's actually the reason I went into stand-up comedy, with hopes of getting a direct line into film/writing/directing.) But I won't bore you with the story.

Feel free to email me, via my blog!
I would like to keep in touch with like-minded folks/bloggers/artists like yourself.

Quest For Comedic Stardom:
The Sujewa said…
Hey Lucy,

Thanks for swinging by the blog.

Good luck with your exploration of the filmmaking world; now is a better time than ever to start making movies.

- Sujewa

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