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'08 movie watching note 1 - The Heartbreak Kid

How many movies do I watch in a year? In an effort to figure that out, this year I am going to try to make a quick note whenever I watch a movie that I have not seen before. Just the title, that's it (maybe a little bit more about the movie too if i feel like it). Saw The Heartbreak Kid tonight, the recent Ben Stiller version, directed by the Farrelly bros. Liked it. Some funny stuff. Great cinematography. There, my first movie of '08.

Do TV shows, web stuff, cable shows count for this? Hmmm. Maybe I'll just stick to making a note of just the movies for this year, but they can be from any outlet (DVD, TV, cable, theaters, etc.).


1/8/08 Update:

- Saw The Hoax (w/ Richard Gere) a couple of days ago, pretty good
- TV & old/previously seen films watching note: Sopranos Season 2; several episodes, about 10 mins. of Flesh Gordon (yeah, i don't think i'll watch the rest of it :), about 30 mins of 28 Days Later (good movie, & shot on DV - excellent)


- Sujewa


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