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Dogme 95 + monster from hell + 1/8 of an indie DV rom com situation + a tragic story + AWESOME MOVIEMAKING = Cloverfield

Saw it tonight.

Loved it (as much as you can love a movie that reminds you of Godzilla).

Camera work & editing awesome.

If you were personally & deeply affected by the 9/11 attacks, you might not enjoy this movie. If a friend or someone you love died in those attacks, you probably will not enjoy this movie. Cloverfield is a monster movie, but it is also about something like a surprise attack from terrorists hell-bent on carnage & destruction.

If Cloverfield is on one level a 9/11 story, is it in favor of the War on Terror? I think so. Yeah, it's a pro-war movie, specifically the War on Terror.

See it in the theater, with a big audience if possible, for the full monster movie effect.

And don't believe anything that you hear about the ending until you see it for yourself.

If you are sensitive to motion sickness, you probably need to skip this movie. It's shakier than Blair Witch.

Clips from the movie could also work as a good ad for the army or the national guard; "when other people run away from the monster, we run towards it to blow it up" type of thing.

Must see it again.

Best monster movie ever.

Also it makes me want to go visit Manhattan to make sure a monster actually did not destroy the place; it...felt...real (most of the time at least).

- Sujewa


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