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Jerky filmmakers feeling threatened by my work; also by Motlagh & McNelly's work

Micheal Sarti & Jason Sheinkopf, the Maryland based (as far as i know) makers of A Stupid Movie for Jerks, had the following to say recently about my 2/13 screening announcement (this was preceded by a long, obsessive rant about my blog):

"footage of a diner, or a girl's rock collection, where nothing happens -- that's not a movie. nor is it art. it's just lowering the bar so you and lucas mcnelly and amir can step over it.

stop giving REAL indie filmmakers who put in the REAL work a bad name."

So I guess they believe that they are the "REAL" indie filmmakers, except no one pays attention to them or their movie because they are too real. Poor babies. Or it could be that Sarti & Sheinkopf are incredibly annoying & whiny, and because of that no one wants to have much to do with them. They leave hate-lite comments on my blogs a few times a month. A habit that started when I decided to not write about their masterpiece's premiere a few months back. Their movie might be good, who knows, but I didn't want to have any more contact with a couple of highly annoying first time filmmakers who felt their work was better than that of, according to them, "over-hyped" filmmakers such as "Jarmusch, Spike Lee, & David Lynch" (they told me this at a coffee meeting I was unwise enough to have with them, when I was thinking about checking out & writing about their movie - that was before I discovered their generally toxic personalities). I guess me, Amir & McNelly are in good company when it comes to the list of filmmakers that the "Jerks" do not like.

Sarti & Sheinkopf's obsession with my blog (one or both of them seem to read & re-read this blog quite often), I guess, is flattering in a way - because I think they see my filmmaking work & blogging as some kind of a threat to their indie filmmaking careers. Didn't know I was so powerful :) But ultimately, the duo comes off as incredibly pathetic. Theirs is NOT the way to get publicity. Yes, they are getting some publicity just by me writing about them here right now, but this is not the kind of publicity novice & generally unknown indie filmmakers want, since this is very much a positive relationship based scene/industry. And if they continue with their annoying comments, I might share the most entertaining of them, with commentary, with the readers of this blog in the near future (I've got over 6 months worth of their annoying comments saved up). Perhaps Hate Mail can be a monthly feature at this blog.

Also, they threaten to come down & disrupt my 2/13 screening. Looking forward to kicking the jerks out if they show up.

- Sujewa


Anonymous said…
Please, Sujewa, PLEASE print ALL of our 'hate mail' to you. We want your seven readers to see it.

And we don't feel threatened by you, or those other two clowns. Our one-night screening of Stupid Movie attracted more than 200 people. Your week-long run of DNO pulled in 55.

And it's not our ambition to make plotless movies where "absolutely nothing significant happens," so we're not concerned about "competition" in this case.
The Sujewa said…
1. Stop posting anonymously, so that i can easily tell you apart for the other unbalanced commenters, if any.

2. Wow, really up on all the DNO stats aren't ya? Exactly how many hours a day do you spend carefully going over all things Sujewa & Date Number One? Looks like obsessive behavior to me. Why exactly are you so concerned about what gets said about MY PROJECTS by ME on MY blog that is read, as you say, by "7 people"? Kid, you gots some problems.

- Sujewa
Anonymous said…
Our concern is that people might come across blogs like yours and assume all independent filmmakers are self-obsessed, delusional charlatans.

It's hard enough attracting an audience without people negatively pre-judging your film based on other independent movies they've seen.
The Sujewa said…
Oh, lookit, the timesuckers are back.

Let me just indulge your fantasy of worthwhile communication one last time/maybe this is the comment that gets through your thick skull:

Re: "Our concern is that people might come across blogs like yours and assume all independent filmmakers are self-obsessed, delusional charlatans."

So let me get this straight, your whole distribution strategy is based on selling tickets to the "7 people" who read my blog? :) :) :) you sir are an idiot.

re: "It's hard enough attracting an audience without people negatively pre-judging your film based on other independent movies they've seen."

No, you are having a hard time attracting an audience to your film because 1) you suck at marketing, and 2) your movie probably sucks.
it is a good thing for indie film fans & movie fans in general that the other 5,000 or so indie filmmakers in America don't cry over not getting mentioned in my blog & quit their work. if they were all like you we wouldn't have a lot of movies to watch.

if you are unable to figure this out yourself, let me use my obviously superior :) story-telling & creative abilities (yes, the ones that u r so jealous of) to point out your problem:

1. you are jealous of, & threatened by, the productivity of other people; specially new independent filmmakers such as myself, motlagh, macnelley, and also well established filmmakers such as jarmusch, lynch, etc.,

2. you are unable to match or compete with our level of productivity & creativity & you have very little understanding of or commitment to the creative process & thus your way of dealing with this is posting anonymous comments at the blogs of other filmmakers, in a pathetic attempt to undermine their work - a cry for help really. we know you've posted at motlagh's & mcnelley's blogs also, and you probably spend all day visiting filmmaker's blogs and sniping at their creativity through your favorite cowardly form of self expression/criticism - the anonymous comment.

3. indie film is a DIY medium kid - either you do it or you don't. just because you have a huge ego or delusions of grandeur, other filmmakers, people who actually do things on a regular basis & are engaged in the creative process, do not have to take you seriously.

4. so, for all of your claims to being the more REAL indie filmmakers, what exactly have you done? 1 no budget feature that played once in College Park & 1 48 hour film fest short? when you feel like making yourself feel even worse, consider that fact that Amir has completed over a dozen films, including filming on 3 features, & has toured the country several times screening his work. I
have completed 8 films, including 3 features, plus screenings in DC, NYC, Seattle, several places in MD.
Plus working on over a dozen film projects directed by other people, & blogging, etc.

So who is the charlatan? It looks like the delusional charlatan is you, and not only that, your sense of self-awareness & the ability to see reality is so low that you have to project your illnesses/warped perspective on to other filmmakers & medicate yourself daily by reinforcing your delusion through anonymous postings just to make it through the day.

shooling timesuckers over.

get some help before the tear in your delusional fabric of self-worth drives you to do some serious damage to yourself.

- Sujewa
Steve Warren said…
I've seen enough romantic comedies to know this can only end with the three of you getting married, and I wish you the best of luck.

Steve Warren

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