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On a jealous cinematographer & Wolf from Living In Oblivion

One of my favorite characters from Tom DiCillo's indie filmmaking comedy Living In Oblivion is the eye-patch & leather wearing cinematographer Wolf. Apparently that character was inspired by a real cinematographer; first a little back story from Johnny Suede (DiCillo's first feature) days:

"I still quake in fear in memory of it. On top of stolen wardrobe and collapsing buildings I was dealing with a very talented Director of Photography who later confided to me he was so jealous I was directing my first feature he couldn't’t stop himself from intentionally sabotaging the shoot."

Read more at the Jan 14, 11:18 PM comment by Tom at this post.

And now, on to Wolf:

"I based the wardrobe of Wolf (the cameraman in Living In Oblivion) on this guy’s clothes. He had everything; the leather beret, the black, half-fingered gloves, the sleeveless leather vest, the motorcycle boots. He thought the camera was a weapon. He didn’t know he looked (and acted) like a cross between Road Warrior and a gay motorcycle cop."

More at DiCillo's blog.

Check out Oblivion if you haven't seen it yet. It's very funny.

Speaking of Oblivion, DiCillo says at comments here that the Chad Palomino character is NOT based on Brad Pitt.

- Sujewa


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