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Real Indie & Fun = Honeydripper, Smiley Face :: trailers

With John Sayles's new film Honeydripper & Greg Araki's new film Smiley Face, 2008 is already a better year for real indie film than 2007. Yes, both films have recognizable actors & their budgets are bigger than those of no-budget DV real indie films, but for indie authorship history, & distribution - in Honeydripper's case, & embracing of unusual/diverse topics - again in Honeydripper's case, these two movies are far more real independents than a whole lot of so called indies from Hollywood. Check these movies out if they play at a theater near you or on DVD, they look fun; let two veteran indie filmmakers entertain you.

For Honeydripper theatrical screening dates, go here.

Honeydripper trailer:


Smiley Face screens at the IFC Center in NYC starting Jan 2, go here for info.

Smiley Face trailer:

- Sujewa


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