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A tale of 90's indie film glory: Tom DiCillo remembers making Johnny Suede

Wow, this one's got it all folks; discovering Brad Pitt, & Catherine Keener, first time feature filmmaking trouble, an un-gentrified Williamsburg, Harvey Weinstein & a lot more, read it here at DiCillo's blog.

Here is a segment:

"I took another look at the photo Marcia had handed me and said, “What the fuck, bring him in.” The actor’s name was Brad Pitt. Call me an idiot if you want but I was certain of 2 things the moment he walked in: 1. He was Johnny. 2. He was going to be a star.

He did his audition without me saying a word to him. And without me saying a word to him he understood that beneath the posturing exterior Johnny was really a lost soul–someone who literally had no idea who he was. This lead Brad to a brave acting choice; to bring a hesitant vulnerability to the character–something no one else had been able to do; even with my prompting."

Read the rest here.

Johnny Suede was one of the first indie films I saw, upon discovering the existence of indie films around '89/'90. It was, for a long time, one of my favorite movies (i had forgotten about it for a while, but recently remembered it again after visiting DiCillo's blog). Need to get the new DVD, DiCillo says it is the original version of the film - the director's cut, before Miramax added a voice-over to the film, a version that I have not seen.

Again, a lot more here.

- Sujewa


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