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Trailer, site, a MySpace page for Eric Byler's new film Tre

Here's the trailer, thanks!:

Here's the official website for Tre.

And the Tre director's MySpace page.

A synopsis of the film, from a press release, via AsianAmericanFilm:

"Tre arrives unannounced at a secluded mountain home where his friends Gabe and Kakela allow him to crash on their couch. But Kakela becomes increasingly annoyed with Tre when he begins a revenge-fueled sexual affair with her best friend, Nina. As Kakela watches Nina's marriage unravel, she begins to question her devotion to Gabe. Unsure of her motives, she accepts a dare devised by Tre -- a simple 10-second experiment that changes her life forever.

Sexual competition and moral ambiguity are the only constants in Eric Byler's searing follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2003 Independent Spirit Award nominated film, "Charlotte Sometimes," the sexy anti-romance celebrated by film critic Roger Ebert as a "breakthrough for Asian American cinema."

“Tre” was co-written by Byler and lead actress Kimberly-Rose Wolter (“Kakela”) also featuring Daniel Cariaga, Alix Koromzay and Erik McDowell. Winner of the Special Jury Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival."


- Sujewa


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