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The Homeless Home Movie

This sounds like an interesting movie:

"The Homeless Home Movie" interweaves the stories of five very different homeless people over the course of a year. They range from a pregnant 15 year old runaway Tina to a couple who live in their car Ken and Debbie as well as a Vietnam Vet West Side who lives out year round, and a man Greg bankrupted after his daughter's long fight with leukemia. Their opinions, actions, and histories come together to expose the harsh realities and problems of homelessness."

Read more about the movie here.

From the Making Of page:

" For years I'd wondered why homeless people were talked about on television but not heard from. In the world of television, as in the world in general, they seemed to be on the outside looking in, the passive recipients of temporary shelter and occasional TV sound bites.

From my own experience, I came to believe that they lacked a direct voice on television, not because they were short on ideas, but because they lacked the technical expertise, equipment and resources needed to create their own representations on television."

Read more about the making of the movie here.

A DVD of the Homeless Home Movie can be purchased directly from the producer; go here.

- Sujewa


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