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Post re: MacBook Air & Final Cut Pro

This article at Ordinary Time blog might be of interest to anyone thinking about using the MacBook Air laptop for video editing using Final Cut Pro. From the article:

"Before you yell - yes, I do understand that this computer is clearly not “designed for” the video professional - but I still think it’s a fair question and no doubt one that will be asked. It’s not uncommon for a product designed for one thing to get adapted by a community and be used in ways the creators didn’t originally envision. I did, after all, go over a year using a Macbook (not Pro) as my main editing system at home even though Apple doesn’t officially support this for Final Cut before upgrading to a Mac Pro this year - and I cut some fairly high profile jobs on this with nobody knowing or caring."

Read the rest of the long post here.

- Sujewa


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