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Sigiriya video clips from YouTube

One of the places I want to visit at some point in the future is the ancient rock fortress Sigiriya in Sri Lanka. There are many stories about what it was; the mainstream view is that it was built by a fifth century king to guard against his brother (check this Wikipedia page for more on that), then there are others who believe that Sigiriya was built much earlier, and, if I recall correctly, might even have been Lankapura - the city of King Ravana in the Indian epic Ramayana (an idea I found in this book). Regardless, a fascinating ancient monument. Check out these videos that depict Sigiriya & also speculate about it:

1. A clip from a German show that speculates about what Sigiriya may have looked like in the past:

2. A presentation of still photos depicting what Sigiriya looks like now (set to some pleasant Sri Lankan music :):

3. This looks like some vacation video from a visit to Sigiriya:

4. A look around from top of (or at least one high level of) Sigiriya:

5. Some great shots from inside/on Sigiriya on this video:

6. Not crazy about the tour guide on this clip, but amusing, and more importantly, very good videography:

- Sujewa


wag said…
do u know what is this German eye video clip related? cant identify searching it more than 3,2 years Arley ..still not find...

also i herd some BBC or Heritage Tv done another 3D doc. in sigiriya...
wag said…
if any one know more than this in sigiriya 3D genarated imagerys pl mail me..

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