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SLOW ROMANCE movie (2020) color test video

Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

Indie Film Blogger Road Trip doc participant & NMWA Film & Media Arts Programmer KJ Mohr

Man On Wire video interview

Editing, making DVDs, writing...

Hacker Ethic has raised $800 out of their $2500 IndieGoGo goal, with 43 days to go

Scarlett Cinema's Top 10 Movies That Deserves More Buzz (in 2008) list

More on the destruction of a once powerful & useful symbol, or another good Dark Knight article

"Hacker Ethic" - letter from Brian Geldin re: a new IndieGoGo project

NYPD storm troopers

Hung out with M. David Lee III, one of the few indie feature filmmakers in the DC area

Sugar Cane Alley and other upcoming screenings at NMWA in DC

Searching for female filmmakers on AFI's Top 100 list

Principal photography on Indie Film Blogger Road Trip doc is done

On beads and nudity

Henry Miller Asleep and Awake

Visited the only museum in the world dedicated solely to art by women

Government funded blogs?

Ingrid "Shooting People" Kropp interview at Infinicine

Interviewed at Infinicine

Home Page, a '99 doc about the web & life

Indie Film Blogger Road Trip is the new title

Report from the New York International Latino Film Festival

Baghead is better than The Dark Knight

Got my interviews done, off to see Baghead

Female film reviewer numbers

Photos of several Indie Film Bloggers

Interviewed Horror 101's Armando Valle

Where the day job work week ends and the film work weekend begins

A new post about an old band

MySpace Indie Filmmaking News Site

Hey, I hung out with that dude in Atlanta

Interview about making The New Year Parade

Will need a place in NYC starting October 1

FilmInFocus's Behind the Blog spotlights Chuck Tryon

"People who want shit real bad are good people to make movies about" - Jay Duplass

Congrats Barry "Medicine for Melancholy" Jenkins on Filmmaker's 25 list

Hammer to Nail vs. The Dark Knight fanboy film critics

Blogs of the 1st 12

Rick Schmidt's novel Black President

Filming in Baltimore, NYC, Silver Spring, MD & Washington, DC Thu 7/24 - Mon 7/28

Docs Interactive's Top 10 Online Resources for Documentary Filmmakers

Paula Martinez on writers, print film criticism, and blogging

530 posts for '08 so far

Gypsy punk road trip movie

About women at the box office this weekend

What are some good east coast (closer to DC/NYC the better) indie film festivals to check out in the fall?

Directors of this summer's blockbusters came from the indie film world

Yet another reason to stay away from the Beijing olympics

End of the world encounter at ATL 365 blog

Updates on Amir Motlagh's new features Whale and Micro

Even educated fleas do it?

The Dark Knight is not that great as a superhero movie

Tambay not on the David Gordon Green express

Revisiting the point of entry into the greater indie film blogging community

Free movie of the day: Facing the Habit

Free & super-interesting movie of the day: Confessions of a Superhero

Summer travel tips for indie filmmakers

Atlanta Film Festival's blog on Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible

Blog discovery of the day: Docs Interactive

If your indie film related business does not have an official blog & blogger(s), this might be a good time to re-think that strategy

SnagFilms acquires indieWIRE

Hey, there's an Alliance of Women Film Journalists

Blog discovery of the day: Women & Hollywood

Interesting post at The Obenson Report about Will Smith's marriage & monogamy

Brandon Harris reviews The Exiles at Hammer to Nail

Indie film blogger doc needs more ladies

indieWIRE interview with The Exiles presenters

White Lies, Black Sheep interview at Cinema Echo Chamber

So, when are the war crimes trials going to start?

The positive economic impact of even the smallest indie films

B-Side vs. Withoutabox

Purple Violets makers happy with iTunes distribution experiment

Interview with Mary "Yeast" Bronstein at ShortEnd Magazine

Back in town, film blogger doc coming along amazingly well, podcast interview at ShortEnd Magazine

Riding I-95 South to Atlanta listening to Ray Charles & interviewing bloggers

After the end of July filming in NYC I should have enough material to edit The Indie Film Bloggers

Get caught up on some older notes on DIY filmmaking & distro

Barry Jenkins has a blog

DC to NC to ATL filmmaking road trip is upon us

The DIY Path (as of July 2008) - A Quick Overview

Peace on Earth happens Aug 29 - Aug 31

testing a new feature

IFC's doc production grant

NRA takes aim at Disney World

Indie Film Blogger Road Trip