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About '61 premiered The Exiles, doc about Native Americans in LA in the '50s

From Dennis Lim's NYT article on The Exiles:

"In focusing on the first wave of Indians relocated in the 1950s by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, “The Exiles” documents a displacement that Mr. Alexie says has received scant notice from a younger generation of Indians. “None of us made that movie,” he said. “Nobody writes about the relocated anymore. In a sense that first generation has been abandoned even by other Natives.” He added: “They were the immigrants, and by and large everybody in America loves to pretend they’ve always been here, even the people who’ve always been here. Ignoring the first generation of immigrants makes you feel like you’ve always belonged.”"

Read the rest here.

More Exiles links at GreenCine Daily.

- Sujewa


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