Thursday, July 10, 2008

After the end of July filming in NYC I should have enough material to edit The Indie Film Bloggers

I am going for an around 90 minutes long doc with The Indie Film Bloggers; and by the time the late July interviews are filmed in NYC, I should have close to 15 hours of interview & other footage - plenty with which to create the movie I envision.

This project is happening a lot faster than my previous feature - the comedy Date Number One, which took about 1.5 years (summer '04 - winter '06) to shoot. Because Bloggers is an interview doc & not a scripted fictional work that requires auditions & rehearsals I am able to get it shot faster. Hopefully I can carry some of these new fast working abilities over to making my next fiction feature, Actress, which I plan on shooting this summer-fall.

- Sujewa


Anonymous said...

Sujewa, are sure 15 hours of footage is enough to make a 90-minute film? Not to knock the bloggers you've interviewed, but that seems like a dangerously thin ratio to me.

The Sujewa said...

Hey Anonymous,

I'll put together an assembly from the 15 hours or so of footage & see how it plays. If more material is needed I can always film more.

I think 15 hours - interviews with 15 or so bloggers - will be more than enough material; because there are other segments in the doc that are not interviews - anyway, we'll see how it goes.

And, stop being Anonymous :)

- Sujewa

Anonymous said...

Herzog made 'In the Land of Silence and Darkness' with essentially a 1 to 1 shooting ratio, so who knows? You may be sitting on the Shoah of blogging docs.

The Sujewa said...

I think 900 minutes of raw footage (15 hours) and 90 minutes of final is a 10:1 ratio, so, there is a quite a bit of material for me to work with.

Also, for some interviews, the entire interview can stand alone as a separate program because the kind of questions I am asking/info. being covered does not typically get discussed at the blogs of the bloggers (mostly bloggers blog about other people & events, not themselves; and I do ask some "weird" questions).

I like to think I am sitting on The Real Cancun of blogger docs. With perhaps more skin.

- Sujewa



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