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Atlanta Film Festival's blog on Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible

From Atlanta Film Festival's newly revived (so I hear) blog:

"For something dreamed up during the Writer's Strike and ultimately, more or less, the length of a sitcom episode, the hype on Whedon's project was high. The response was so overwhelming for the first act, it wasn't till sometime into day two of release that the Dr. Horrible site was back up after crashing the first day.

What's probably one of the best takeways is how, even though the novelty of Dr. Horrible being on the internets was a key PR/distribution component, Whedon and crew have seriously treated the launch of Dr. Horrible.

They did so by one, using names--with cult like status, two, limiting the window to less than a week, and three, doing the press rounds no differently than if Dr. Horrible was a network show. Whedon and crew have treated Dr. Horrible like a credible property and not just a neat experiment. The fact that Whedon seriously looked at the potential bonanza of ancillary products (T-shirts, stickers, statutes, etc) speaks even more volumes about the seriousness he treated this project."

Read the rest of the long post here.

And, only vaguely related:

That ATL 365 blog post gives me an idea, maybe I should make action figures to go along with my indie film blogger doc. Hmmm? :) I wonder what the size of the potential market is for a Gabe Wardell action figure? It may become huge in Japan, or Sweden, will have to get the research department on that ASAP.

- Sujewa


Anonymous said…
And do make sure you check out for Doctor Dreadful's YouTube Riposte!

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