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B-Side vs. Withoutabox

I first heard about B-Side getting into the film fest submission business last Saturday when I was in Atlanta interviewing ATL 365's Gabe Wardell for my blogger doc. And now, there is a lengthy article on Withoutabox's new competitor at indieWIRE; check it out. From the article:

"As with Withoutabox, filmmakers will pay nothing to B-side to use the service, but pay festival submission fees directly. But in the case of B-Side, participating festivals pay half as much as they would for listing themselves on Withoutabox."

Read the rest here.

Indie filmmakers & film festivals having options is generally a good thing, so am looking forward to seeing how B-Side's new service develops.

- Sujewa


Anonymous said…
Sounds cool! It was only a matter of time before somebody busted up Withoutabox's monopoly on film festival submissions! Viva La Competition!
Withoutabox took active steps to squash any competition, in a niche in which they are already completely dominate. By adding a new requirement that festivals cannot use a competing service, they have effectively scared off anyone who might have posed a challenge.

Just today I spoke to Chris Holland of B-Side Entertainment, whose own online submission service was mentioned in the article. Holland confirmed that because of this monopolistic move by Withouabox, B-Side's service is dead in the water before ever getting beyond the beta stage.

As the director of a medium-size festival for the past few years, I have actively boycotted the Withoutabox service. We solicit our own films and utilize our own online submission, and as a result we charge submission fees that are a small fraction of what similar fests charge. Unfortunately we find ourselves more and more in the minority.

I would urge all indie filmmakers to not trust the future of their work to Withoutabox and try to avoid them when you can. In the mean time, let's hope that someone manages to give them some real competition sometime soon.
Bruno Chatelin said…
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