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Back in town, film blogger doc coming along amazingly well, podcast interview at ShortEnd Magazine

Is driving 1200 miles (600 or so each way) to interview 1 indie film writer/blogger/journalist worth it? Absolutely, if the person in question is Nora Fores (aka Noralil Ryan Fores) - quite possibly one of the hardest working & most talented up & coming film journalists in America.

Interviewed Nora for The Indie Film Bloggers on Sunday AM. Hung out in Atlanta for a bit (lovely town), & then headed back to DC on Sunday evening. Ended up sleeping over in Charlotte, NC on Sunday night.

Just got back to Kensington, MD. Quiet a few things to get caught up on, gear to return, etc.

Until I am ready to resume my regular blogging activities, check out this podcast interview that Nora did with me & Amanda (girlfriend), at ShortEnd Magazine. And leave a comment after you check it out, Nora wants feedback on her posts.

Thanks Chuck, Nora, Gabe & Paula from ATL 365, & everyone else I met in Atlanta on Sat. night @ Nora's (more on those guys this week) for an awesome weekend.

Before going to sleep in Charlotte I scanned through all the interview footage from this weekend - 4 hours worth - featuring 4 bloggers, and found that there is a lot of great material that will work for the doc. Some funny stuff from Gabe & Paula, including a challenge to indie filmmakers who want fests to share ticket sales revenue with them. Thought provoking at times, amusing at other times stuff from Nora. Lots of well researched & thought out perspectives from Chuck.

Looking forward to editing IFB in August, after filming several more interviews in NYC at the end of this month.

More soon on everything above, including some pics from this weekend's trip, plus ones from the NYC filming trip #1 in June.

Check out the ShortEnd Magazine podcast in the meantime.

- Sujewa


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