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Baghead is better than The Dark Knight

Come to think of it, one of the lead dudes in Baghead (the one with the "elvis hair") might make a good Batman in the future.

Anyway, yeah, I enjoyed Baghead more than I enjoyed The Dark Knight (the last movie I saw at the theater, before Baghead). TDK was ultimately depressing (made even more depressing by the fact that a lot of people in America seem to think that TDK offers "deep ideas"), Baghead is unique (can't think of another movie that mixes a little bit of horror and a little bit of comedy and low key observational humor about filmmaking, & some relationship stuff), and is ultimately a feel good relationship comedy, and the plot is unpredictable for the most part.

Note: I missed the first ten or so minutes of Baghead, got lost on the subway a little between Queens and the Lower East Side, I came in at the point where the four leads are sitting at a restaurant? and come up with the idea to go to the cabin & make their own movie. Will need to catch the first 10 mins. or so later.

There is a plot to the movie, a good one, I won't give it away here.

Check out Baghead; it's fun, well acted, well written. Cinematography is not so great by traditional standards - looks similar to that of The Puffy Chair - as if someone was shooting it with a video camera on auto mode (quite a bit of unnecessarily out of focus stuff), and handheld; inexperienced handheld (shakes & half thought out - seemingly - movement that serves no real function). So either a stylistic choice or the person who shot it did the best that they could with personal and or logistical limitations of the moment. It should be noted that I watched Medicine for Melancholy a couple of hours before watching Baghead, and the MfM cinematography is excellent - in a traditional sense, and MfM was shot on video - perhaps the Duplass brothers should give MfM DP James Laxton a call for their next movie.

Movie was edited well. And I liked the overall simplicity of the movie; a little bit of music, pretty straightforward story, not a lot of time/moments wasted.

All four lead actors did a great job I thought.

So, Baghead, a comedy/romantic comedy of sorts with some horror genre elements that are genuinely scary; ultimately good entertainment.

- Sujewa


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