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Blogs of the 1st 12

By end of Mon 7/28 I should have interview footage with the writers of the following 12 blogs for my doc The Indie Film Bloggers. After that I need to get a couple of interviews with a couple of "old time" indie film bloggers in NYC - in August, at some point. In the list below we have an academic blogger, couple of filmmaker/bloggers, a film/video programmer for a national art museum/blogger, an online film magazine editor/blogger, a film festival executive director blogger & a film festival managing director blogger - that's just some aspects of the lives of some of the bloggers interviewed so far - with additional aspects being revealed in the interview footage. Check out the blog links for the 1st 12 for now; will pull descriptions, names, & blogs together for a future post; a who's who for the doc if you will. A little bit of mystery & detective work is good for now :) Anyway, the list:

Blogs of the 1st 12 bloggers interviewed* for The Indie Film Bloggers
(*some are schedueled to be interviewed by 7/29/08)

The Chutry Experiment

Women & Hollywood

Docs Interactive

The Obenson Report

Cinema Echo Chamber

Gabe's Declaration of Principles

Armando Valle

The Film Panel Notetaker

ShortEnd Magazine's blog and ShortEnd Magazine

Paula's After Thoughts

My World Bank Lunches

DIY Filmmaker Sujewa

Check out those blogs, get a feel for the opinionated & entertaining personalities behind them, & imagine hanging out with all of them at a party & talking about indie film & related matters, and that may give you a taste of the Indie Film Bloggers experience that awaits you when that flick gets done & out.

- Sujewa


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