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Brandon Harris on The Wackness & Gonzo

If you are in the mood for a couple of well written posts about two new films, check out Brandon "Cinema Echo Chamber" Harris's recent posts about The Wackness & Gonzo.

Brandon on The Wackness:

"The carefully molded world of the movie is one of its major selling points for a large portion of the target youth audience that geriatric seeming Sony Pictures Classics is hoping it can lure with this sweet and sugary, yet oddly colorless summer of 94’ hip-hop fantasia. From the desaturated hues of its early and middle passages to the alabaster pallor of almost its entire cast, this movie is lily white, regardless of how many Nas, Biggie and Wu-Tang Clan songs can get stuffed into the final mix."

Read the rest here.

And from the post on Gonzo:

"As a man of letters, the precocious middle class kid from Louisville, one who loved guns, dope and America with equal measure, was remarkably erratic and perhaps, in the end, not good enough to attain the furthest reaches of his ambitions. That he knew it, and that it ultimately killed him, is one of Gibney’s central premises in his altogether riveting portrayal of the ever stylish iconclast. The film never bores and goes to great lengths to show just what a remarkably gifted and innovative journalist he was, even while, and perhaps because, he was stoned out of (or far into) his mind."

A lot more here.

- Sujewa


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