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DC to NC to ATL filmmaking road trip is upon us

So this weekend I'll be driving around; from DC area to NC to Atlanta & back - mainly to interview a couple of indie film bloggers (or, film writers on the web in NRF's case) - Chuck Tryon (and let us say once more; "one of the top 100 liberal arts professor bloggers!" :) and Noralil Ryan Fores - for my doc The Indie Film Bloggers.

Maybe I'll get to post from the road, maybe I'll be too busy filming & doing whatever the good people of NC & Atlanta do on the weekends - who knows. But I expect to get back to this blog on Mon 7/14. Will try to post an "in-production" trailer for the doc on or before 7/15 - if all goes well. Still need to post a few photos from the NYC filming trip a couple of weekends ago; perhaps all that on Mon.

- Sujewa


gabe said…
I'll be seeing you in Atlanta Saturday night at Nora's.

Have a safe trip!

The Sujewa said…
Thanks Gabe, see ya then. Looking forward to it.

- Sujewa

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