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Directors of this summer's blockbusters came from the indie film world

From Guardian's End of Indie? article:

"Meanwhile, mainstream Hollywood has, one might argue, not simply co-opted indiedom, but also been taken over by its sensibility, just as the Corman kids transformed the studios 35 years ago. Look at this summer's tentpole superhero movies, directed by, inter alia, Peter Berg, Jon Favreau and Christopher Nolan (and let's not forget Sam Raimi of the Spider-Man trilogy) - all with watertight indie origins. Last year's indie is this year's establishment: Soderbergh, Linklater, Fincher, PT Anderson, the Coens, Wes Anderson, John C Reilly, Charlie Kaufman and so on."

Read the rest of the article at the Guardian site.

- Sujewa


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