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Get a filmmaking how-to DVD featuring John Sayles by buying 4 issues/1 year of Filmmaker Mag for $18 w/ in the next 48 hours

I just did it; was easy - had some PayPal $s from a donation from a reader of the blog - now I should have the new issue of Filmmaker & a John Sayles filmmaking how-to DVD in my mail box soon. Here's Scott M. from Filmmaker Mag w/ all the details:

"I’m also going to take this opportunity to announce a special subscription offer. If you subscribe online here during the next 48 hours for our low price of $18, your subscription will start with this “25 New Faces” issue, and we’ll also throw in free a special bonus: our first custom DVD, “Making your First Film with John Sayles.” It’s a video of Sayles’s talk at last year’s IFP Filmmaker Conference in which Sayles offers a veritable master class for new filmmakers on the subject.

And for those who subscribed earlier when this DVD was first announced, we really appreciate your patience. The replication process took a bit longer than expected, but the DVDS have been pressed and packaged and all existing orders were mailed out this week first class. If you’ve been waiting for one, you should have it in the next few days. If you haven’t subscribed to Filmmaker yet and have been thinking about it, subscribe now and the DVD will go out immediately and the magazine will arrive mid-July."

Read the rest at Filmmaker Mag blog.

- Sujewa


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