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Hung out with M. David Lee III, one of the few indie feature filmmakers in the DC area

Pictured above: Scenes from M. David Lee III's new movie Slow Down...You're Dating Too Fast!
And seeing David's photo of me at his blog reminds me that I badly need a shave; looking like a mountain man in that photo :)

Slow Down...You're Dating Too Fast! is David's new movie, now available on DVD. Here's the intro to the story:

"Life is too fast… work too stressful… and sex, well let’s just say it’s not all fairly tales and flowers. So how does a busy person, in the hustle and bustle of the world today find time to have a “meaningful" relationship? Like everything else in life, you just have to speed up the process!See what happens when five, relatively well adjusted adults try to find love in the 21st Century?"

More here.

Check out David's site here, he's made 4 features so far, all low budget, real indie efforts. One inspired by the Dogme95 filmmaking approach.

More on David's movies in the near future. We are planning a screening night for our movies soon.

To get in touch with David for a screener, if you are interested in checking out his movies & reviewing them, go here (or e-mail David).

- Sujewa


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