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If your indie film related business does not have an official blog & blogger(s), this might be a good time to re-think that strategy


1. Blogging may be a fad, or it may be here to stay forever - the re-birth of journalism for the 21st century. But, at the moment, it is hot.

2. As I am working on my new documentary The Indie Film Bloggers, and the more I get to know the indie film blogscape better, it is apparent to me that there are quite a few very talented & passionate bloggers out there at the moment who may have extra time to do some paid blogging work for a company - specially if it is a company, product, or service that they really care about, would not mind promoting anyway (i just offered my volunteer or paid services to a great indie distro co. that do not seem to have a blog).

3. My new doc The Indie Film Bloggers may be the first documentary about any kind of bloggers/blogging; and this is probably not an accidental occurrence; BLOGS ARE VERY POPULAR IN THE INDIE FILM WORLD. So, having a blog (written by a relatively experienced & or passionate blogger who can have some sort of an independent voice from the rest of the company perhaps) will be a low cost, interesting, entertaining way to keep in touch with your existing customers on a daily basis and attract new customers, and another avenue of providing content for the world (which in turn will get you more publicity, and with it, hopefully more sales of whatever product or service you are selling).

4. How affordable might hiring a blogger be? I've thought about this & talked with a couple of people, and of course each persons financial situation is different, so it could be several hundred dollars a month for a part time (very part time, like an hour a day, 5 days a week lets say) to several thousand dollars a month for a full time blogger. Either way, at the moment, for any company or non-profit or organization (or even some individuals or individual film projects) it may be of great value to hire a blogger to create, & or update, & operate a blog.

Contact me ( ) if you want some recommendations on bloggers who may be a good fit for your indie film biz related company (no guarantee that I'll have an immediate answer, but I may be able do some relatively quick research for you, or point you in the direction of someone who might have the answers you need).

- Sujewa


Ironically, as you make this post, we at the Atlanta Film Festival have just started blogging. Our Executive Director Gabe (who was interviewed for your Doc about bloggers) has been blogging on Indiewire for a while. As a festival that does quite a bit, we're striving to increase our presence year round and blogging is a low cost, high impact way to do that.

Plus, blogging helps give an outlet for our voice and vision outside the Festival in April.

Lastly, by the time our fest rolls around in 2009, people will have a greater connection with our organization--at least that's the goal. There's a level of informality to blogging that allows people to more readily identify with posters. And hopefully, that should translate into greater participation from audience members to filmmakers up to maybe even possibly sponsors.
The Sujewa said…
Hello ATL 365!

Yeah, Gabe was awesome during the interview - some funny & interesting stuff. Paula Martinez (sp?) too.

Also say hello to the other two from ATL fest that I met at Nora's on last Sat night. Looking forward to visitng your city again when the fest happens.

Yeah, I think it's a great idea for film festivals to keep an year 'round blog going - great way to stay in touch with fans/customers & build publicity for the next fest, & related events.

Blogs are less formal, & more fun, or can be, then official news pages for an org, more interactive definitely. And thus, more attractive to people who are into blogs (a lot of people these days, specially in the indie film world).

Good luck with your new blog project, will add it to my links.

- Sujewa

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