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Indie film blogger doc needs more ladies

I'd like to interview at least a couple more female indie film bloggers for my documentary The Indie Film Bloggers. There are only a few - a handful really - (that I know of) indie film bloggers who are female, so, extra work needs to be done to figure out if there are other female indie film bloggers out there.

- if you are a woman who blogs about independent film & related matters
- and you live in or near the DC or NYC areas
- contact me ( ), send me a link to your blog(s), and I'll see if we can interview you for the documentary
- the doc is bound to receive a nice amount of press (hopefully positive :) in the indie film blog world, maybe some screenings too, so, participating in the doc may be a positive thing for your blog & any other projects that you may undertake in the future

I have a great selection of bloggers on tape at the moment (the gender issue aside), so, the doc is going to be great. But, if possible, it would be better to add at least a couple more female indie film bloggers to the film.

Go here for more information about the doc.


- Sujewa


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