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Indie Film Blogger Road Trip is the new title

The new title for the in-progress doc The Indie Film Bloggers is Indie Film Blogger Road Trip. More on that at the site.

Humans like to travel, we are a mobile species. We find many reasons for traveling; business, religious, traveling for the sake of traveling, to catch people who have skipped on bail bonds, to show movies at festivals and or at under-attended theaters, to play noisy music, whatever. The complex and noble idea of freedom itself can be illustrated well, and simply, using an image related to traveling. Since a key inspiration for the doc about indie film bloggers was a book of photos taken across America with text by a writer who became famous for a novel inspired by road trips, AND, since this approach will provide a very interesting structure to the movie, Indie Film Blogger Road Trip feels like a great title for the doc.

- Sujewa


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