Wednesday, July 02, 2008

IndiePix blog's Bob Alexander joins the "sky is only falling for indiewood" chorus

Read Bob Alexander's thoughts re: Mark Gill's "sky is falling" speech here. Saw the link at SpoutBlog.

Other than Alexander, as far as I know only a few indie film bloggers (links to two posts here) have thought to question Gill's speech; as to whether it is relevant to real/actual indie film as opposed to being a speech about the possible end of an era for a certain kind of low budget Hollywood movies (marketed as independent) that seek to imitate some of the qualities of off-Hollywood movies - both American & from other lands. The reverse has happened in larger numbers - actual indie filmmakers believing/buying into the notion that Gill's speech applies to the world that they work in or their futures.

Anyway, bad times for indiewood, good times for real indie films (way cheap to make them now, lots of film festivals to show them at, can also do DIY screenings, people are still buying DVDs), looks like. Changes like this happen, hopefully everyone will be alright - more or less - at the end of this period (Hollywood either sticking to highly profitable movies only or lowering their expectations for indiewood movies, spending accordingly and the real indie sector continuing to grow; improving distribution & revenue generation capabilities, improving technical & other qualities of productions, improving publicity & promotion skills).

- Sujewa

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