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Interview about making The New Year Parade

At ShortEnd Magazine, check it out. Here is a bit:

"SM: Talking a bit more about what you and Mark were doing aesthetically, you'd said in an interview with Brandon Harris over at Cinema Echo Chamber that you were concentrated on beauty shots, which would essentially be these interstitial shots between the scenes of main emotional action. Part of the way that you went about shooting these was just to follow the actors around for a few hours with a camera. It's a much more naturalistic way to work, and so I was hoping you could tell me about that, going around with the actors and just doing these very fluid, everyday action sequences.

TQ: I shot B-camera for a film called The Other America, which opened Slamdance a few years ago by a filmmaker from Philadelphia named Eugene Martin. He's really amazing, and it's something I learned working with him on set. He would put aside several days to just be with the actors in their environment. You weren't rushed to get dialogue pieces or even parts that were in the script. You had time to film everyday life, and by doing that for a day or two, it really opens up a character on screen."

A lot more at ShortEnd.

- Sujewa


tom said…
Thanks putting the word out, man. I really appreciate it.
The Sujewa said…
Glad to help, that was a good interview.

- Sujewa
Tom said…
Yeah Noralil did an incredible job. The second half is up now as well!

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