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Interview with Mary "Yeast" Bronstein at ShortEnd Magazine

Check out the interview at ShortEnd.

Here is a segment:

"SM: There’s another quality about Rachel I’m drawn to. Her relationship with Alice, it walks a line between being really intimate in terms of friendship but also getting pseudo-sexual. There’s that implication, that she harbors feelings for Alice which aren’t quite platonic.

MB: We talked a lot about especially the kinds of friendships that women have, when they get so close. The friendship that I had with Amy in college, the two of us had this really, really close friendship, and that was sort of our entire world. That world had its own jokes, our own things that we did, our own way that we talked, and it excluded everybody else. When you’re in a relationship like that, it’s a breeding ground for all kinds of resentment, especially when the other person starts to date somebody or becomes interested in somebody. It becomes threatening, and you don’t even really know why. You’re not interested in them romantically, but it still becomes threatening because that person is trying to take a piece of them, almost that you can’t really have."

Read the rest of the interview here.

- Suejwa


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