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Interviewed at Infinicine

About a week or so ago Laure at Infinicine (Laure also works for Zeitgeist Films - one of my favorite distributors) interviewed me for that site. Here is a segment of the interview, from Infinicine:

"[I]nfinicine: What do you think the biggest challenges have been for filmmakers in the past in distribution and getting their films out to the public and making money in the process?

Sujewa: I think the challenges for indie (working outside of Hollywood) filmmakers, when it comes to distribution, have always been pretty much the same; it takes a lot of money and a lot of work to properly or widely distribute a movie - at least theatrically, and then followed by various home entertainment options. However, few indie filmmakers (that I know of) have done theatrical distribution successfully. And many more have done distribution on DVD, etc. successfully. So both are possible to do."

Read the rest here.

- Sujewa


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