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NRA takes aim at Disney World

Let's a country with generally high standards of law & order & citizen/resident security, & generally well managed police departments, & an all volunteer military that has not been used as a large scale instrument of oppression by the government against citizens & residents, and with private security at theme parks & other large recreational destinations, a gun rights advocacy group wants employees of a kids theme park to be able to bring guns to work. Is this - Disney World employees with easy access to guns at work - remotely related to the intentions of the framers of the Constitution? Um, probably NOT. While Disney battles it out with a misguided NRA, you can read all about the dispute at this AOL article. From the article:

"What part of the 2nd Amendment does Mickey Mouse not understand? That's the question the NRA wants answered in light of the decision made by Walt Disney World to prohibit their employees from keeping fire arms in their cars while they work. This decision comes in spite of a new state law--The Preservation and Protection of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Motor Vehicles Act of 2008--that went into affect in Florida on Tuesday allowing state residents to do just that."

More here.

I think there being possibly hundreds & thousands of guns in the parking lots (Disney World's got 60,000 or so employees I hear) could make the theme park a tad less magical, and a lot more frightening, & perhaps far less safe. Hopefully Disney will win this insane legal conflict.

- Sujewa


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