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NYPD storm troopers

Yes, I know, the reference to the Nazi's gets old after a while, but, we still use it because it clearly conveys the idea; these people are not good guys. Yes, cops have a tough job (don't sign up if you can't handle it), but what's worse than being abused by people that you (or others like you) pay to protect you? Nothing. Check out two videos of NYC's "finest" in horrible action at The Obenson Report. And yes, I know there are a lot of good cops (thanks & good job to you guys & ladies), but that does not excuse out of control cops like the ones shown in the videos. Those dudes in the video should be fired, and prosecuted for assault. Check out the videos at The Obenson Report. Police brutality should not be tolerated AT ALL, 'cause if you do, the next step is having to live in a police state - where the police rule society through illegal violence; not a pretty picture/situation to live in.

- Sujewa


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