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Paula Martinez on writers, print film criticism, and blogging

Paula Martinez, one of the bloggers interviewed for my new doc The Indie Film Bloggers, & the Managing Director of the Atlanta Film Festival, blogs about the question who is a writer (with a capital W) and the changes happening in the world of film journalism and criticism; from Paula's post:

"This leads us to the other issue: Does the loss of paid (mostly newsprint) movie critics threaten the industry with the loss of writers? Gabe argues that losing paid critics (ie: Eleanor Ringel from the AJC, Nathan Lee from the Village Voice) jeopardizes critics' authority and compromises journalistic writing standards. He feels as though these people will stop writing reviews and critiques altogether since they are no longer employed. I disagree. First of all, I defer back to my original definition of a Writer. I argue that if these writers stop writing simply because they are not getting paid, then they are not true writers. To be a Writer, one must write - paid or not. So, I believe that the true writers will still write, probably even more creatively and possibly be more brutally honest than when employed by an authoritative print source."

More at Paula's blog.

- Sujewa


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