Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The positive economic impact of even the smallest indie films

As I was driving my rental car on Thursday to pick up the rental camera & other production gear and monitoring the info. coming in from the cell phone re: the status of the phone account, I thought about the many small revenue streams that get generated by even very small indie film productions. Since digital filmmaking is now very affordable and thousands of indie filmmakers in America are making movies, when each of these small revenue streams get multiplied by thousands, we are talking about what the old folks call "real money".

A quick list of businesses that generate revenue from even a very small independent film production

1 - Power companies; need electricity for the computers, internet, etc. - in order to plan, organize the project
2 - Businesses that sell computers
3 - Internet service providers
4 - Phone companies
5 - Credit card companies
6 - Production equipment rental places
7- Businesses that sell equipment to rental places
8- Stores & businesses that sell production equipment
9- Post-Production gear suppliers for small films (or maybe I should just say Apple :)
10- Restaurants; folks got to eat
11- Businesses that sell goods & services to restaurants
12- Car rental places
13- Gas stations
14- Airlines
15- Trains
16- Buses
17 - Hotels & motels

If you can think of any other businesses or services that benefit from even ultra-low budget film production, list them in comments.

So, I think, the bottom line is, encouraging low budget indie film production is a good thing for many businesses, individuals, and the overall economy.

- Sujewa

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