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SnagFilms acquires indieWIRE

From the iW announcement about the acquisition:

"IndieWIRE will provide archival and news content for and the company's virtual movie theater widgets, including breaking news from the indie sector, comprehensive film reviews and analysis, and the top relevant blogs. IndieWIRE will feature virtual movie theater widgets from SnagFilms, including the indieWIRE editors' top selections from the SnagFilms library. At the same time, SnagFilms will provide new resources to extend indieWIRE's coverage and enrich its offerings to the entertainment community and consumers passionate about independent film. IndieWIRE will continue to operate as an independent, standalone site. Eugene Hernandez, Editor in Chief and co-Founder of indieWIRE, will also become Editorial Vice President of SnagFilms, overseeing journalistic content on both sites. He will be assisted in this by his indieWIRE colleagues, Brian Brooks and James Israel, who will continue in the same functions after the acquisition. Financial arrangements were not disclosed."

Read the rest of the announcement at indieWIRE.

Well, maybe a good thing for all involved. Good luck SnagFilms & indieWIRE on your future together.

- Sujewa


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