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Sun article on the Afro-Punk festival

Check it out here. From the article:

"But the festival's breaking news comes courtesy of its premieres of new efforts, such as Mr. Spooner's feature "White Lies, Black Sheep" and Jennifer Sharp's "I'm Through With White Girls." Both films, as per the impetus of the festival itself, center around characters who don't fit convenient notions of how someone is supposed to be "black."

In "White Lies," a 20-something club promoter named A.J. (Ayinde Howell) comes to terms with his heritage while feeling increasingly alienated within a mostly white circle of friends on the Williamsburg nightlife circuit. His processed hair and tight-fitting jeans earn him jeers when he visits his father in Bedford-Stuyvesant, and his white buddies chastise him for only pursuing the affections of white women."

More at New York Sun.

And here's BAM's page for the fest, happening now & through this weekend.

- Sujewa


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