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Tambay not on the David Gordon Green express

I saw All the Real Girls, was underwhelmed, did not think it was anything too special - a well made movie with some nice moments (the clown lady, for instance). Have not seen George Washington, would like to at some point. Pineapple Express may be funny/entertaining, we'll see.

At The Obenson Report Tambay writes about the curiosity of a young filmmaker (Green may be in his 40's now, maybe late 30's) with only 4 features to his name getting a retrospective:

"But then I realized that Mr Green is the man behind the upcoming stoner comedy, Pineapple Express, staring everyman, Seth Rogen and the usually dramatic James Franco in a comedic turn. AHA! So that's the reason for this retrospective for a filmmaker barely into his 30s, with only 4 films to his credit! It's essentially a marketing ploy for Pineapple Express - let's shuffle our filmmaker around the country, who certainly has his band of fanboys and girls all over, who'll likely turn out to watch his films and catch a glimpse of their hero, and maybe even hear him speak or touch his hand; and we'll show his previous critically-acclaimed films, let him answer some questions from hosts and audiences, and, by the way, not forget to plug his next film, Pineapple Express, which will be released theatrically next month!"

More good humored (probably) filmmaker jealousy at The Obenson Report.

- Sujewa


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